Creative Movement
This is our basic movement class for pre-schoolers. It enhances rhythmic fundamentals using basic tap instruction as well as locomotive technique using very basic pre-ballet study. Props and stage makeup are incorporated in this fun program for the early beginner. (ages 3-5)

Offers basic ballet study for the very young dancer (ages 5-6)

Ballet Levels I-V
Instructs fundamental technique progressively for young ballet students. Mastery of technique, proper positioning, strengthening, and stretching are stressed for advancement (min. ages 6-7)

Pointe Preparation
After a minimum of three years of study, pointe preparation properly prepares dancers physically for work on pointe. Requires a minimum of two ballet classes weekly.

Sub Junior Ballet
Prepares dancers for the junior ballet level by building on their foundation of ballet technique

Jr. Ballet/Pointe
Requires a minimum of two ballet classes per week. At the junior level, three classes weekly are a plus for development.

Int. Ballet/Pointe
Preparation for the advanced level. Requires a minimum of two ballet classes per week. Three are strongly recommended.

Adv. Ballet/Pointe
Ballet study requiring a minimum of two ballet classes per week. Three/Four are recommended.

”Broadway style jazz!” Minimum of one ballet class and a jazz or lyrical class are required for student to enroll. This class blends jazz and lyrical with ballet technique.

Tap II-V
These programs combine basic technique and progressive rhythmic training for the young dancer. (ages pre-school through elementary)

Sub Junior Tap
prepares dancers for the junior tap level by building on their foundation of tap technique (8-12)

Junior Tap
Dancers who have accomplished five to seven years of study and a mastery of necessary technique qualify at this level. Instruction on this level expands upon technique and focuses on mastery of more complex rhythms and combinations. (ages 10-12)

Junior Tap Company
Motivated young dancers demonstrating an eagerness to learn, improve, and perform are invited to participate in this program.

Advanced Tap
Dancers study advanced tap techniques at this level.

Adult Tap, Ballet, and/or Jazz
For the young at heart! For those potential dancers wanting to refresh their dance skills or learn new ones.

Elementary Jazz
These classes progressively instruct technique, body conditioning, and flexibility. Ballet background is beneficial (min. age 6)

Sub Junior Jazz
Prepares dancers for the junior jazz level by building on their foundation of jazz technique (8-12)

Junior Jazz
Traditional technique is taught while incorporating more difficult choreography at this level. (min. age 11)

Advanced Jazz
For progressive students with the ability and knowledge necessary to master and perform advanced level technique. Other technique classes required.

A style of dance from the fusion of ballet with jazz. The dancer works on interpreting his or her movement with feeling, motion, and style.

Young Adult (More Advanced)
Class for young adults who would like to keep in good practice with the life long skills of dance they have already achieved.

Tumbling for dancers. Students will work on acquiring new acro skills, while focusing on form and execution to make them performance and competition ready. Everything from cartwheels to aerials and walk-overs will be included.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop is an upbeat and high energy class combining street dance with funk and jazz. Students will learn the importance of isolations and dynamics. (min. age 7)