Roxanne Livingston Rich

“I don’t want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance.” - George Balachine

Roxanne Livingston grew up taking lessons at Bailey Fine Arts Centre under the direction of Cari Kirkland and Pam Bailey. It was during her 15 years of instruction at BFA that Roxanne grew to discover her love for choreographing when she would instruct imaginary dance classes as she waited for her two older sisters to finish classes; her love for theater through performing in Dance Theatre of Columbia productions; and her love for teaching by assisting and teaching dance classes during high school. (Miss Laura & Miss Bailey used to be her students!)

While obtaining her B.S. in Physics from Furman University, Roxanne participated and choreographed for two student run organizations: Pauper Players (musical theater) and Furman Fantasies (dance). Upon their success as a student run organization, the Furman Fantasies was approached to be the school sponsored dance team her senior year. Roxanne had the unique experience of helping develop this team while holding the positions of vice president and tap & field choreographer of the newly established Furman Dance Company, a team that continues to thrive today. Roxanne is also a graduate of USC with her Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering.

Outside of the dance studio, Roxanne is the Renewable Energy Project Coordinator at Gregory Electric Co., Secretary of the SC Solar Council, and the Sr. High Youth leader at Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church. In her free time she enjoys playing kickball and performing in local theater productions. She occasionally gets to visit her alma mater, Airport High School, and choreograph their fall musicals alongside her own high school chorus and drama teachers. Most importantly Roxanne loves spending time with her rapidly expanding family!

Roxanne has been back teaching at BFA since 2010, managing the Facebook since 2011, and choreographed for the BFA Competition Company from Fall 2012 - Spring 2016.

“Grounded in Christ. Soaring in Mission. Serving for Jesus’ Sake.”

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