Lisa Sendler

​Lisa Sendler, moving every few years while growing up offered her the advantage of having many fabulous dance teachers with all different styles that all went into creating her own personal teaching style. After graduating high school, she had the amazing opportunity to dance with a professional modern dance company and tour the state. With only about 8 people in the company, it was a time of much concentrated learning and growth and also gave her the chance to teach in local schools. That’s when Lisa discovered her love for teaching!

Beyond the classroom at BFA, Lisa has participated in 10 years of Dance Theatre of Columbia productions playing everything from a house keeper to a Granny to the Queen of Hearts! Lisa is a choreographer for the Bailey Fine Art Centre Competition Company.

Lisa has been teaching dance now for nearly 20 years! When asked about her favorite dance style she responds “it is difficult to answer because I love them all!” What Lisa loves most is an enthusiastic class that is up for anything she might throw at them since she loves exploring characters and creating pieces that will both stretch the dancer and entertain the audience. This begins Lisa’s 10th year with Bailey Fine Arts Centre and she is thrilled to be a part of such a warm, family oriented company. Lisa feels especially blessed to have been a part of her own daughter’s dance training and now has the pleasure to teach alongside her.

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